Our Story

In a journey for ageless beauty and infinite luxury, ePure goes beyond the ordinary skincare to create moisturising as its holy grail. Our exquisite facial masks, essences, serums and other skincare lines all possess unparalleled refinement and results. This promise to exceptional skincare treatment has made ePure the choice for the modern age women to experience the definition of timeless beauty and the keys to clear and supple skin.

Our Founder, Jennifer Liew, with a Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Science in Holistic Nutrition as well as a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce in Marketing under her belt, had always wanted to use the knowledge which she had obtained to apply and contribute to the society. With a keen interest in the field of aesthetic and beauty care, she decided to synergise the two into one.

Alongside with a renowned laboratory with a history of 30 years in Taiwan, this project was spearheaded by Dr. Yulong Moy, a Professor in Medical Science from Florida, U.S.A., with a Degree in Cosmetic Aesthetic. With that, ePure continues to move forward, transcending great heights and impacting the lives of women around the world.